Our trip is planned for 8 days, 7 nights. We shall arrive to Socotra on tueday and leave the magnificent paradise the following tueday.

Day 1

Socotra team will be there to pick you up from Socotra Airport Gate at noon time. We expect everyone to be hungry by that time, so we’ll rapidly drive to Hadibo (main town on the island of Socotra) to have a hearty delicious lunch. In the afternoon, you’ll get to explore a stunning spot in Socotra “Delisha Beach”.
The beach is about a kilometer wide, with golden-white sand and clear water. The beautiful view all around offers a quiet getaway for relaxation. There is a creek where fresh water from the mountain gets into the sea. There is a beautiful sand dune close to the beach too! If you are full of energy, you can climb the white sand dunes over there or perform some sea activities. We’ll enjoy the sunset by the beach and have a memorable dinner while enjoying the soothing sound of the waves and the calm nature. “Delisha Beach” will be our first camping destination in Socotra.

Day 2

On the second day, our stop point will be Raqla village to see Socotra’s fascinating natural infinity pool.
We’ll need to take a little climb up among a dragon blood tree territory and hundreds of ancient-looking trees; then get down to reach the natural infinity pool that overlooks a valley. It's a hidden gem and the hike is definitely worth it! The pool water is so clean and refreshing. Enjoy swimming and take many photos; it’s the most beautiful infinity pool you’ll get to see on Earth!
Once we’re all ready, we shall drive to “Arar Beach” (Arher Beach) to have lunch and climb the 150m white sand dunes. It’s a bit challenging to reach the top, but once up the views are very rewarding.
There are a couple of freshwater streams which spring from the mountains and go all the way to the sea. If you aren’t interested in climbing you could dip in the crystal-clear water of the ocean or sit and enjoy the soothing environment. Arar beach is the best spot for paragliding – if you have the equipment. The quirky mountainous landscape, the dunes stacked up against the sheer limestone cliffs, and the water streams provide fantastic photo opportunities.
After this busy day, we’ll have dinner by the beach and camp over there.


It’s the day to discover caves!
The first cave we’re heading to is “Huq Cave” (Al-Hoq) in Torobck village (Terbak). The walk up will take about 2 hours so be prepared!
Huq cave is about 3.5 km long so it’s rather cool inside. Huq cave is still untouched by human hand. It offers overwhelming beauty and variety of crystal decorations, like the huge hundreds of thousand year old speleothems (stalagmites, stalactites, calcite floors, etc…). To conserve the cave for future generations a pathway has been constructed that leads to a nice water basin. The tour stops here, as the end of the cave is still under study.
Our camping equipment is still at Arar beach ofcourse, so we need to get back there to have lunch. The beach is calm and isolated so prepare yourself to relax, swim, spend time on the sand, or read a book. You can join us for the drive to Ras-Iresal (tip of the island to the east).
We’ll have dinner by the beach that day and spend the night there. It’s better to sleep early, for we have a very busy day ahead of us!


Drive inland and south towards the Killisan Canyon and pools. It’s an off-road drive and a 45-minute trek to get here but it’s well worth it. The drive will go through the Momi Plateau that hosts a large number of blooming Adenium obesum and other endemic rare plants.
We’ll take an easy walk and you’ll be blown away with the beauty of the landscape. Expect to see a spectacular river bed and natural pools at the bottom of the canyon. You can take photos, swim, take a bath, or jump from the ledges into the clear water.
After a little relax among the natural pools, Lunch will be served.
In the afternoon we head to “Dihamari Marine” (Di Hamari) protected area. Dihamri area is unique. Its scenic red rocks reigning above the harbor and the pebbled beach covered with quirky coral remnants make it breathtakingly beautiful! The red colors are intensified at sunset, making the entire area look surreal. Dihamri is a great spot for diving and snorkeling. Snorkeling gear can be hired there. Dihamri is home to one of the richest coral reefs of the archipelago. There are many marine animals to be seen like Parrotfish, Moray eel Rays, Sea urchins, etc. If you’re lucky you will meet turtles. In addition, there are some kinds of Acropora palifera and Rhincodon fishes that are rare at world level and only found in Socotra.
Dinner and camping that day at Dihamari.


After having a succulent Yemini breakfast, let’s get going to the center of the island “Dixam Plateau” (Diksam). It is 700m above sea level and is definitely the most spectacular limestone landscape feature on the island. Dixam is a delight for all photographers, especially at sunrise and sunset.
Afterwards, we’ll go down to “Dirhor Canyon” (Dirhur) where you’ll find a natural pond and small lakes that are extremely inviting for a quick swim. The canyon is inhabited by birds of all kinds. Lush vegetation overgrows the canyon – look like a tropical garden, which is a different experience after the barrenness of Dixam. If you are a nature lover, it would feel like paradise. Lunch will be served at the Canyon.
In the afternoon, a drive up to “Shabhan view point” to have an easy walk down to the Fermihin forest which is the last woodland of Dragon Blood Trees. Nowhere else in the world can one find Dragon Blood Trees in such densities as you’ll do here. Local people will show us how they collect the precious red resin of the trees.
Dinner and camping at Dixam.


Today we head to the western part of the island, “Qalansia” (Qualansiah).
Qalansia is the encapsulation of every cliche of paradise that you could possibly imagine. The beach is a long sand bar of fine white sand and a bunch of adorable crabs.
Qalansia is the second largest town on Socotra. It consists of traditional Socotri houses, narrow alleyways and a beach full of fishing boats ready to set off for today’s catch or to take you to Shaab beach. On the way, we’ll stop at a viewpoint overlooking Detwah Lagoon protected area. You can take a short walk up in order to see the panoramic view of the Lagoon that connects to the Arabian sea. In Detwah, everything is unique and pure; the endless horizon, white sand dunes, crystal clear water of the ocean, the sea birds and crabs walking around the beach.
Get back to the camp for a hearty meal.
In the afternoon, you can swim in this pristine place. You may meet some turtles, manta rays, eagle rays, giant groupers, white-tip reef sharks, a blue shark, tons of fish but best of all 100’s of dolphins. This place is amazing for watching the sunset too.
Dinner at Detwah Lagoon and spend the night there.


Early in the morning, we’ll drive to Qalansia. From there take a boat trip to “Shaab Beach” (Shu’ab Beach) where we meet some spinner dolphins along the way with cormorants flying over our heads. If we were lucky enough, we may see Persian Shearwater and Jouanin’s petrel (bird species). Line fishing is possible from the boat if you want to catch your dinner. Get back to Qalansia on a boat, and have lunch in “Qabahan village” by the sea.
In the afternoon, go back to the camp and have dinner there.


After an early breakfast, we’ll take a memorable picture all together, and drive you to Socotra Airport hoping you a safe journey.

In order for you to have a comfortable trip, and enjoy the trip to the maximum, we advise you to bring the following:

  • Sunscreens
  • Weatherproof clothes
  • Mosquito repellent spray
  • Water bottle with filter
  • Head torch
  • Plug adapter
  • Trekking and paragliding equipment